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CRT 2000 Thermography in Prescott Valley ThermographyAbout Contact Regulation Thermography

What is Regulation Thermography?

Our bodies can communicate to us how efficiently they are functioning. Regulation Thermography is based on the physiology of heat in humans. Body heat in certain organs can be measured by thermography. When there are disease processes in the human body, the body's organs respond differently to stress. With the use of a very accurate thermal sensor, it is possible to measure and detect changes in the skin's physiological response to stress. Capillary heat conducted via the skin is accessed by the CRT 2000® to record skin surface temperature. CRT 2000® then transforms the skin surface heat energy into electronic data signals. These changes may indicate the presence of a disease even at its earliest stage before a patient shows symptoms.

What is the CRT 2000® Thermographic System?

The CRT 2000® Thermographic System is a safe, non-invasive, radiation-free, diagnostic tool which measures how the body responds to stress (by taking temperatures of the skin, before and after a mild cold stimulus). These minute, detectable changes in circulation patterns and thermal characteristics of the major organs produce data that can be used for adjunctive diagnosis of certain indications such as: abnormalities of the female breast, peripheral vascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease, abnormalities of the thyroid gland, and various neoplastic and inflammatory conditions.

Used by European doctors and health professionals for diagnostic and reasearch purposes since the mid 1960s, the CRT 2000® diagnostic scanning device gathers physiological data as important as MRIs or X-rays, but without the potentially harmful radiation. The CRT 2000® should not be confused with the infared thermography used decades ago by both chiropractors and physicians. This new development of thermographic instruments is the outcome of years of clinical research mutually related to dental, oncological, and psychiatric pattern recognition.

The CRT 2000® Thermographic System has the following indications for use as an adjunctive diagnostic device under US FDA 510(k):

  • Abnormalities of the female breast
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Extracranial cerebral and facial vascular disease
  • Abnormalities of the thyroid gland
  • Various neoplastic and inflammatory conditions

Note: The CRT 2000® is not intended to serve as a sole diagnostic screening procedure.

What information will I receive from the results?

Prescott Valley Thermography

The information from the thermographic profile and patient evaluation assists your healthcare practitioner in determining your level of health and helps provide them with indications of disease processes at a very early stage. Any areas of concern that require immediate attention are flagged by the profile and evaluation. This information then helps your healthcare practitioner in developing an individualized treatment plan specifically suited to your needs. Such early preventative monitoring measures can be beneficial for the future of your health.

Why is it important to have a CRT 2000® Scan?

Waiting for symptoms to appear to determine the state of one's health can have potentially fatal consequences, but with the CRT 2000® the state of one's health can be assessed before symptoms appear. The CRT 2000® can help measure your level of health and help provide indications of symptoms at a very early stage. With the assistance of a healthcare professional, you can adjust or supplement your diet, make proper lifestyle changes, seek additional specific testing, and more importantly, improve your overall health.

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